Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A glance of Management Information Systems

I am taking Information Technology Management (MIS 750) this semester. Basically from the syllabus, it is about the information technology, E-Business, Mobile Commerce, Global Information Systems, Corporate Performance, IT Strategy, Security, Impact of IT towards individuals, organizations, etc.

On the first week of the class, our lecturer, Associates. Prof. Dr. Norzaidi (you can visit his blog at http://norzaidi.blogspot.com) gave a glance on what is Information Technology is all about. For this semester, we need to go through an assessment which consist of

Test 1 and 2 20%

Individual Assignment (2) 20%

Group project (Case Analysis) 30%

Final Examination 30%

Ok, done with the things for assessment. Now, we jump to the first thing that we learned during the first group presentation. The first group, our beloved friends, Ainaa Idayu, Khairunnisa Amir and Linda Nasaruddin Sia were presented on the first Chapter which is Information Technologies, Concept and Management.

Let make things easier, from the presentation I will conclude that, MIS is he used of system to assist you in the organization, which is this systems being used to manage the data and information created within the structure of an organization. MIS helps top management in planning, analyzing, coordinate and controlling. MIS and business systems are especially useful in the collection of business data and the production of reports to be used as tools for decision making. It means that, MIS can assist management level in decision making. For example, the systems can provide periodically report such as financial statements and performance report to assist top management in planning, organizing, analyzing and controlling.

For more info, you can visit http://www.answers.com/topic/management-information-system.


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